Bullisher is a data centric fintech Solution provider in the aerospace and defense industry for institutional level investors, looking to disrupt and revolutionise a $3 trillion dollar industry. We spearhead an industrial-leading Blackbox to facilitate and administer trade agreements pioneered by a vehicle, driven by our new generation benchmark delivering solutions through innovation with uncompromising agility. Predicts trends in the aerospace and governments defense entities, predicts trends in political shifts and the ability to influence actual effect changes in government policies through innovation.


This role may suit an individual who is a truly specialist in digital transformative remote operations, LOW-BANDWIDTH SATELLITE SOLUTIONS SYSTEMS INTEGRATED, OPTIMIZATION CONTROLLED TRAFFIC, APPLICATION PERFORMANCE AND IMPROVEMENT. “TEAM OF FOUR”- The oversight requires you ( By Peering with traditional protocols, identifying specific peers and monitor those peers with using our BLACKBOX and create a multi-router decision to a given interface towards another router end-to-end and will allow us to migrate the sessions without disrupting the application). By maintaining end-to-end sessions using migrations that allows that application to persist through that transition-satellite interface session associated to the application. The base architecture that differentiates us across multiple networks.The framework of the data modeling is session oriented-centric. A groundbreaking digital transformation associated with various data modeling techniques. Areas to cover will include:Conveying the requirements from the corporate mandate, down to the implementation side through a HIGH TECH-CORRIDOR and having that mapping through that business language to the actual implementation within that session smart router software.Defining what the policies are but also monitoring and enforcing them overtime. From campaign planning and execution, WHERE DECISIONS AND EXECUTIONS HAVE THEIR IMMEDIATE IMPACT ON THE OUTCOME OF ENGAGEMENT IN REAL-TIME IN CONFORMITY TO THE JOINT ALL-DOMAIN AND ELECTROMAGNETIC SPECTRUM OPERATIONS APPROACH, RADIO SPECTRUM APPROACH, JAIC (JOINT ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE CENTRE APPROACH), JADC2 (JOINT ALL-DOMAIN COMMAND AND CONTROL) APPROACH AND JADC2 ARCHITECTURE. A set of net-centric tenets associated with data.

Areas to cover will include- REMOTE DRILLING (both satellite connectivity and 5G NR connectivity). The applications is sending telemetry data across the remote wireless network spectrum. A combination of telemetry data and optimization platform deployment (Remote perform quality control of data in real-time) enables reliable transfer of data ( A digital transformation to accelerate time to market).

A significant advantage includes secure initiator network- based on metadata and vector data mapping, encrypted based on the session application. The session smart network based on session data, allows us how you access applications becomes application congestion awareness, in doing so allows you to effectuate policy to the entire network. Areas to cover will include: field validation, deployment monitoring, military and governments applications-analysing telemetry data to identify sessions applications. Areas to cover will include: BANDWIDTH CONTROLS AND SESSIONS OPTIMIZATION; (critical technology specially applied to satellite links). E.g (TCP traffic)- You will have to be very cognisant and how you construct the architecture associated with the product to be able to account for this. So the types of controls you have over the data that been use to run the system, becomes very important and the application’s becomes sensitive to that-to present tons and tons of data associated with the endpoint.

ABOUT US: Our architecture is broadly a software design centralised virtual-network applications deployed at multiple private data centres locations connected and be able to effectuate policies in place. Areas to covers includes Indoor Network: Deploy a Security branching edge,(hyper-segmentation) separating the types of traffic the users of different services into different teams, isolate them and being able to segment those, the engineering team, data professionals, financial professionals. They might have access to some common services to unified communication networks. They might also have access to unique services for each of those networks. Isolate those, segment them- An engineering team cannot access our financial network, data professionals cannot access their network, vice versa or allow them access to common data areas, being able to segment our network and control access to these different groups/teams at different departmental levels becomes very important in terms of architecting both security but ensuring that we have automated auditable policy at global level.


  • 10yrs+ In depth-knowledge Industrial experience in electronics engineering
  • Experience designing, deploying/operating based telemetry systems.
  • Academic level experience of systems engineering principles, including requirements analysis, system architecture, system verification and validation, with experience in embedded systems development and support, especially full lifecycle.
  • Extensive knowledge in remote wireless deployment, low bandwidth, high latency, optimization support (associated to a geo-satellite)
  • Ability to write comprehensive technical design documentation including requirement specifications, test plans, and test reports.


PHYSICAL DEMANDS: This position requires the ability to communicate and exchange information, utilize equipment necessary to perform the job.

ENVIRONMENT: This position will operate in the following areas of the organization regulatory engineering division MULTIDOMAIN DEFENCE DOCK:

MULTIDOMAIN DEFENCE DOCK“ Standard engineering lab environment ”

Employees must be legally authorized to work in the UK. Verification of employment eligibility will be required at the time of hire. Visa sponsorship is not available for

this position.


  • STAGE 3: PRE-SCREENING (verification checks & security clearance)
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: London

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